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Bridge Industry Problem

Inaccurate Information leads to Poor Bridge Asset Investment Decisions

Visual inspection of bridge performance is inaccurate and highly variable. Inspector assessments can vary by 5 points on a 10-point scale. Historically, the alternative was to implement Generation 1 structural monitoring (SM). But Gen 1 systems are not economical for all but the most critical bridges due to the high cost of installation, operation, and analysis. Consequently, the result of inaccurate bridge information is a highly conservative assessment of a bridge’s state and severe reduction in bridge asset value.

Recent U.S.A. Federal law requiring strategic Transportation Asset Management Planning (TAMP) combined with the high societal cost of poor mobility mandate bridge owners address these unproductive and unsustainable inefficiencies. The new TAMP requirements made law in 2019, mandate better strategic investment decisions in bridge infrastructure.

Additionally, society can no longer tolerate the environmental effects of carbon emissions caused by truck detours to avoid the 60,000 load restricted bridges (USA). These truck detour miles create > 1,000,000,000 gallons of fuel wasted each year in the USA alone.


IntelliStruct IIoT Platform Digital Disruption of Bridge Performance Asset Management

Civil Infrastructure is the last remaining major real asset not using digital measured performance for life cycle management. Future civil infrastructure requires the application of digital technology from an IIoT platform that will measure, analyze, and provide AI based predictive performance for fact-based decisions by bridge fleet owners. This platform must provide a 10X cost reduction from existing systems and provide a magnitude greater functionality and analytics for economic fact-based decisions.

IntelliStruct is the IIoT enterprise platform for the future of bridge asset management.

IntelliStruct incorporates a patented architecture to provide a sensor to enterprise cloud solution for bridge performance asset management of a fleet of 1 to 100,000s of bridges. IntelliStruct has proven performance with over 4 years of commercial field operation in the harshest environments. The SaaS platform scales to provide bridge fleet decision support.