Smart Bridge Fleet

Life Cycle Performance Bridge Management​


Once a bridge or fleet of bridges is registered in IntelliStruct,
the following options for monitoring and managing your bridge fleet are available.

Fleet Lifecycle Monitoring and Analytics

Bridge fleet performance analysis for design across multiple bridges, rating of bridge fleet performance, and optimizing operation of your bridge fleet.
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Fleet Operational Monitoring

Regional monitoring of a fleet of bridges for risk management and real time decision support for structural integrity, and regional: flooding, fire, and bridge resiliency.

Critical Route

Maintaining the mobility of a set of bridges along a critical route are essential to a Smart City. Decision support to maintain and manage risk based on long term bridge monitoring, route bridge performance analytics that are used to manage resilient bridges, and critical route management.

Fleet Transportation Asset Management Planning and Policy (TAMP)

Decision support of long term strategic management of the entire bridge fleet. Optimizing investment in the bridge fleet asset for productive management and improved mobility; Decision support based on long term bridge monitoring, fleet bridge performance analytics that are used to manage Posted Bridges, and designing Smart Cities with resilient bridges, and critical fleet Management.