Life Cycle Bridge Management Services

IntelliStruct – Enterprise Bridge performance Management Solution

Once a bridge or fleet of bridges is registered in IntelliStruct the following options for monitoring and managing your bridge fleet are available:

Digital Certification Signature: Digital snapshot is taken, using our patented deflection instrument, of a bridge’s deflection signature and is archived in IntelliStruct Compliments the two-year visual inspection with a digital measured performance indicator compared over time.

Level 1 – Lifecycle Monitoring: Early stage lifecycle monitoring using a few key indicators of bridge performance. Data is sent monthly and archived in IntelliStruct for lifecycle monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Level 2 – Critical Element Monitoring: Real-time specific measurement and monitoring of a critical component for operational performance and safety. Information monitored in real time on a bridge dashboard and alarmed for critical conditions. Bridge owner alerted to out-of-state conditions through active text and email.

Digital Live Load Rating: Full instrumentation (Level 3) and live load testing to calibrate the bridges actually rating and lifecycle age. Information archived and available in the bridge dashboard. Reference rating that is updated based on real lifecycle usage.

Level 3 – Lifecycle Monitoring: Second-stage lifecycle monitoring used to extend the life of the bridge to 100 or more years. Analytics for preventive maintenance to allow for rehabilitation, cost effective operation, and optimal performance.

Fleet Lifecycle Monitoring and Analytics: Bridge fleet performance analysis for design across multiple bridges, rating of bridge fleet performance, and optimizing operation of your bridge fleet.

Life Cycle Bridge Management