Enterprise Bridge Performance Management Solutions

Total Bridge Performance Solution

I-Bridge Module:
Digitally senses the critical elements on a bridge for measurements such as strain, acceleration, temperature, deflection, vibration, tilt and others Universal digital measurement and signal processing – economical, reliable and ease of installation.

I-Bridge Controller:
A bridge computer processing and analyzing real-time bridge measurements. Critical controls including alarms, bridge warnings and actuating bridge closures. Communication to the cloud and coordination for bridge management.

Enterprise Cloud based Bridge Performance Management Solution with Real Time Monitoring and Control, and Big Data Analytics of Bridge Fleet Performance Creating a collaborative environment for high performance and advanced bridge operation management and decision support.

IntelliStruct – Total Bridge Performance Solution - IoT to Enterprise

Bridge owners and operators have a tremendous responsibility to keep our bridges open and operating at maximum capacity. Our economy, our safety, and all aspects of our lives depend on our mobility and our bridges. Decisions are made daily on bridge operation based on performance, budgets are determined, assets allocated, permits issued, bridge posting implemented and bridge closed all based on information of the state of the bridge in its life cycle and how it can perform. Up to now the information on bridge performance is mostly historical based on original design updated with highly variable visual inspection. From this using the best judgement bridge operators have to make decisions on estimated bridge performance. Responsible bridge operation using estimates of performance mandate a conservative approach to bridge operation since the safety of the public is primary.

Time for Change Historically Real time information has been too expensive. Unlike other industries where assets are continuously monitored the transportation industry has not been able to implement monitoring and control technology to measure real time bridge performance.

Intelligent Structures is changing that with IntelliStruct. IntelliStruct developed using technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud based computing combined with big data analytics has created a new platform for bridge operators to see the measured real time state of their bridges and receive analytic measures of the actual present state of the bridge and how it is operating in its life cycle.

Intelligent structures takes out the uncertainty and allows bridge operators and owners to make better decisions on bridge asset management for safer and more productive management of this crucial asset.

The result: Bridge owners make better decisions on bridge asset management for safer and more productive management of this crucial asset.

Bridge FleetIntelliStruct designed to manage your entire fleet of bridges

Your Bridge Fleet – Your Responsibility 1 or 1000’s making decisions on keeping your fleet performing at its highest level. Decisions depend on accurate information the better the information the better your ability to make the best decisions. Decisions such as what level can that bridge perform, should that bridge be restricted or posted, should we spend budget for rehabilitation and how much.

Decisions start with IntelliStruct. Once you register a bridge with Intellistruct all types of opportunities on real time bridge information are open to you the bridge manager.

Real-Time Bridge Dashboard

Each Bridge in the Fleet has a dashboard providing real time bridge performance information including monitoring and alarms of critical conditions such as excessive strain, and monthly usage reports. Bridge specific information – plans, inspection reports, pictures, test reports, and maintenance all available over the WEB through our cloud based IntelliStruct.

Real-Time Bridge Dashboard
Real-Time Bridge Dashboard
Real-Time Bridge Dashboard

Bridge DashBoard: Flexible Data Query on Archived Bridge Sensor Data

Archived Bridge Sensor Data
Archived Bridge Sensor Data

Analytics – Big Data – Fleet and Bridge

Big Data - Fleet and Bridge

Collaboration Analytics – Fleet and Bridge

Collaboration Analytics - Fleet and Bridge

One of the most powerful elements to the Internet of Things is the opportunity for collaboration between professionals from all over the world. Providing access through our cloud solution IntelliStruct engineers, bridge managers and other professionals can collaborate on decisions and find solutions to critical bridge performance issues.

Examples are bridge ratings using real time live load testing and bridge structural review.